In today’s digital world, there are many new ways to earn money using your phone and special apps. VidMate Cash is one such app that has become popular. This article will help beginners understand what this Magical app is, how it works, and how they can easily use it to make money.

Go to your Google Search box, find VidMate Cash, download it, and install it. Then, open the app.

Understanding VidMate Cash

VidMate Cash is like a special app you can put on your phone. It’s gaining attention because it’s an easy way to make money. It’s all about videos, but it’s not just about watching funny cat videos. With this Android app, you can make money in different ways.

this app is a secure and simplified version of the official VidMate app. Besides its main features, this app provides enjoyable ways to make money, which is perfect for people who love videos, apps, and movies. You can get it for free from the official website and start earning by doing tasks. What’s great is that you can easily transfer your earnings to your bank account. Many new users have said it’s safe, and they’ve been able to get their rewards without any problems.

Key Features of VidMate Cash

Share Videos

This online Earning app lets you share videos. You can post your videos or share interesting ones from the app. You can earn money from ads when people watch the videos you share.

Earnings from Views

this earning app is unique because it shares some money from ads with you. The more people watch your videos, the more money you can make.

Download Audio & Video in High Quality

Download High-Quality Video and Audio From YouTube and other Such type of platforms.

vidmate cash-High Quality video & audio Download

Support Multiple Languages

It supports Multiple languages like English and Indonesia.

Download Whatsapp Status

This app has advanced features that You can Download WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp Status easily.

Tasks and Challenges

The app also gives you small jobs to do, and when you complete them, you get paid.

Tell Friends

You can invite your friends to use VidMate Cash 2023. When they make money, you get some money too.

Get Paid Fast

this App lets you take out the money you earn quickly and easily.

Your Money is Safe

You don’t need to worry about your money. The app keeps it safe, and your personal information is private.

Help When You Need It

If you have questions or problems, it has people who can help you.

Starting Your Journey with VidMate Cash

It’s easy to begin using it. Here’s a step-by-step guide

Download and Install:

Go to your Google Search box, find this Earning app, download it, and install it. Then, open the app.

Sign Up:

  1. After Download Ans install this App on your phone.
  2. Click “Register” to make a new account.
  3. Sign up using your Google account.
  4. Fill in the required details.
  5. Keep following the steps until you finish registering.
  6. You’re good to go!

Make a username and a password.

Set Up Your Profile:

Add a photo and a short description to your profile. This can help you get more viewers and followers.

Explore the App:

Take some time to look around the app and learn how it works.

Share Videos:

 Start by sharing videos from your phone or the app. The more exciting and unique your videos are, the more people will watch and the more money you can make.

Complete Tasks:

 Keep an eye out for tasks inside the app. Finishing these tasks can help you earn extra money.

Tell Friends:

If you have friends who might like this Earning app, invite them to join using your link.

Get Your Money:

 You can take it out using the app’s payment methods when you’ve made money.

Vidmate Cash vs other apps

There are many popular apps for earning online, some of which are task-based apps, From gaming apps, cashback apps, referral apps, and freelancing apps. Through These apps can easily earn money. Within the last five years, these apps have been highly searched on Google. You can estimate this by the way that it has( 10 to 100,000 plus) searches on a daily basis.

Here is a Google Trends screenshot illustrating the increasing search interest in the term “Earning app.”

google trend of Earning apps since 5 year-vidmate cash
region of india in Google trend map where the Earning app like vidmate and other are searched

There are many applications in India where you can earn daily. Some of them are given in the following table with their Monthly Revenue


Earning Apps Name Number of DownloadsMonthly Revenue
EarnKaro1.2M+₹ 25,000 – ₹ 60,000
TaskBucks1Cr+Up to ₹ 3,000
Swagbucks5M+Up to ₹ 4,000
Roz Dhan1Cr+Up to ₹ 45,000
Cointiply19L+Up to ₹ 3,000
Current Rewards2M+Up to ₹ 3,000
Pocket Money500K+Up to ₹ 3,000
The Panel Station5k+Up to ₹ 3,000
Google Opinion Rewards5Cr+Up to ₹ 500
Streetbees800K+Up to ₹ 2500
Taurus500L+Up to ₹ 50,000
EarnEasy10M+Up to ₹ 2,500
Rupiyo10M+Up to ₹ 2,500
FeaturePoints5M+Up to ₹ 3,000
Frizza25K+Up to ₹ 3,500
iSense5M+Up to ₹ 3,000
Dosh10M+Up to ₹ 3,000
Cashbuddy1M+Up to ₹ 3,500
mCent1M+Up to ₹ 20,500
Vidmate Cash1M+Up to ₹ 500

Note: The earnings displayed in the table above may differ for each individual. Your income from these apps is directly proportional to the amount of time you dedicate to them.

Now the question is which one is the best among them all. if you are a Beginner and you want to earn 500 ₹ on a daily basis just by Completing Easy Tasks then simply Download the Vidamte Cash app and earn up to 500 ₹ to 30,000₹ Monthly. Hurrah!

Click the Below Buttons to Download this Magical Earnin app

Download Vidmate Cash Now

How to Earn with VidMate Cash?

Go to your Google Search box, Search “VidMate Cash”, download it, and install it. Then, open the app. You will get the following home page.

Go to your Google Search box, find VidMate Cash, download it, and install it. Then, open the app.

> After clicking on Me, You will get the following interface

vidmate cash app,here you will get your wallet. and many other option

> After clicking on the wallet, you will get the following interface, which shows the total money from your account

vidmate cash apk showing to total amount of your account

1st Method

> Now, here, You will get some ways to Earn money; click “invite a friend ” and earn money.

vidmate cash apk having a interface,click on the "invite friend" and your code will send to your friend .whenever he will use this code for downloading you will get money

> The more you will invite, the more you will win. invite and Enjoy with Money!

vidmate cash invite code .invite your frined more and more and win alot of money
vidmate cash invitation code .invite your frined more and more and win alot of money

2nd Method

The second method is by Downloading Applications daily, and you will get Real Money.

On this online Earning App, you will see a Matka in the below image, which you can click on to earn money. Sometimes, your Matka stops producing money because no task of downloading the app was completed for 4 days in the Piggy Bank pause to produce gold coins, please complete the task of downloading the app to reactive. Don’t be afraid of this. Click will start it again. It will resume, and you will get free coins to earn money.

just install vidmate cash apk and download the application and earn money
just install vidmate cash apk and download the application and earn money

Method No:3

the 3rd and easiest Method is “to watch videos & earn every day. In this way, you only have to watch the videos daily. Watch daily videos and get unlimited gold coins. So you have to click on watch video to watch

vidmate cash apk .just watch video and win milons of gold coins and earn unlimited money
Watch videos & earn every day!

4th Method

>In this method, you have to open your application on a daily basis. You have to click on the given task for each day. There are huge rewards for you in the form of gold coins on a daily basis, 7 days a week. Enjoy the best offers and rewards, including an extra 10% bonus for new users in the first 7 days.

vidmate cash app is can win everyday of week.simply visit vidmate cash app and get your money
vidmate cash app is can win everyday of week.simply visit vidmate cash app and get your money. congratulations you win your daily reward

5th Method

Coin farm In this interesting way you have to make new friends, the more friends you make, the more gold coins you will get. You will have different suggestions to make friends, you just have to accept this suggestion to invite friends. The more friends will be made, the more plants will be planted, the more gold coins u will get, and More Money too! More Friends More Coins.

You can easily understand this method from the pictures below

Vidmate cash app method name coin farm.make your buddy here and win the Unlimited Gold Coins
More Friends More Coins!
Vidmate cash app method name coin farm.make your buddy here and win the Unlimited Gold Coins.congratulations ! you win
More Friends More Coins!

Earning Potential with VidMate Cash

How much you can earn on VidMate Cash Mod APK depends on a few things:

Good Content :

If your videos are interesting and fun, more people will watch them, and you’ll earn more money.

Views :

The more you watch videos, the more money you’ll make from it.

Daily Tasks:

Completing tasks and challenges inside the app can add to your earnings.


If you invite your friends and they make money, you get some money too.

Keep Going:

Sharing Vidmat Cash invitation code 2023 regularly can help you earn more money over time.

How to Withdraw Money From Vidmate Cash?

You can withdraw your money through different methods, here are some methods given below

How To Withdraw Money?

>First, click on the With Draw option

vidmate cash with draw pic, just click on the withdraw and you will pass the 1st step to with drtaw money

>After clicking click on the withdraw option you will get an option to transfer money to your selected bank.

>> Here you will find different money options to withdraw your money. In which you want to withdraw your desired amount, for example, you want to withdraw 1000 rupees, you want to withdraw 500 rupees or you want to withdraw 100 rupees.

diffrent option to withdraw money from 100 to 1000 rupees.just click and get your money from vidmate cash

>Here you have to select a different type of payment method to withdraw your money. You can select the bank method if you want, it is a safe method and you will also get many withdrawal methods.

select your bank or add any other withdraw method to withdraw money from vidmate cash

> Some payment Records of Vitmate cash APK

vidmate cash withdraw record.

> Within 3 to 5 working days you will get your withdrawal.

congratulations! you have successfully submit your withdraw rerquest .you will get your money within 3 to 5 days .

Safety and Security Concerns:

As is the case with most online activities, it’s important to exercise caution. Don’t share too much personal information and follow the rules in the app to stay safe. Be cautious while interacting with others online.

Pros & Cons


  • Absolutely no upfront investment is required.
  • Redeem your earnings with just Rs. 5.
  • Participate in effortless activities such as watching videos and experimenting with new apps.
  • This is genuinely the best fantasy platform.
  • It has a low threshold for entry.
  • You can earn real money in India.
  • Officially, VidMate is 100% trustworthy.
  • You can withdraw your earnings instantly.
  • Transactions are secure and verified by antivirus software.
  • You can directly transfer your rewards to your bank.
  • Enjoy the best offers and rewards.
  • New users receive an extra 10% bonus in the first 7 days.
  • Invite friends and earn unlimited rewards. You get 5 rupees plus a 10% share of rewards for each person you refer.
  • Earn coins by watching and downloading from over 1000 website resources.
  • It’s easy to make Rs. 500 in a single day.


  • Privacy Concerns
  • Minimum Payouts and Withdrawal Restrictions
  • Time and Effort Required
  • Security Risks
  • Legal Issues
  • Limited earning potential or a scarcity of tasks may be encountered.


You can get this app on its official website, It’s also on Apkpure, Uptodown, ApKMody,, and other app platforms.

If you want to download it from the official website, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Install Now” button on the homepage.
  2. Wait for it to finish downloading.
  3. In your phone’s settings, enable “Unknown Sources.”
  4. Open the downloaded file and install the app.
  5. You’re all set!

For more detailed steps, you can visit this page:

VidMate Cash is the online earning version of the original VidMate app, and it’s completely(100%) safe.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap on “EARN CASH” in the main menu.
  3. Select the “withdraw” option.
  4. For your first withdrawal, verify your identity.
  5. Pick a bank account for withdrawal.
  6. Choose the amount of coins you want to exchange.
  7. Hit “submit.”
  8. Wait a moment.
  9. You’re all set!

well, there are many methods but For users in India, we offer direct transfers to your linked bank account.

VidMate Cash is now only available for Android devices. not available for ios or for PC

You can exchange 10,000 coins for ₹1. So, when you accumulate 100,000 coins, you can start cashing out, beginning at ₹10.

Yes, your money will be credited to your linked bank account immediately. In case there’s a delay due to fraud detection, please wait for 24 hours. If the bonus still hasn’t been deposited after 24 hours, reach out to our customer support team.